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Popular areas

Hotel Yugoslavia

On the right side of the Danube, on the beautiful New Belgrade’s boardwalk, near the “Hotel Yugoslavia”, you can find some thirty rafts and all kinds of fun on them.

This part of the city never sleeps; rafts and the boardwalk are always crowded with people. Some rafts are open 24 hours a day. During daytime, they serve as coffee bars and restaurants, but in the night, they turn into a discotheque.

Therefore, in the morning, you may go there to have a coffee, ice cream, pancakes or a drink and, while resting in comfortable armchairs, with small waves that sway you slowly, you can enjoy the view on the river and untouched nature in the Big War Island. Many gorgeous girls come here to refresh themselves with juice after a morning jogging, or to share a gossip with a friend at least.

In midday, you can enjoy in epicurean charms from all the corners of the world.

However, this part of Belgrade is liveliest at night, when the atmosphere becomes heat to the boiling point. Amazing fun through all of the night, up until the dawn, is guaranteed. Pretty, handsome and cheerful people, go-go dancers, music bands, and great atmosphere – those are the mandatory things in this part of Belgrade.


Knez Mihajlova Street and Obilicev venac

Knez Mihajlova Street, a pedestrian zone and the merchants’ core of Belgrade, protected by law, as one of the oldest and most valuable monumental ambient, with a series of representative buildings and residential houses, dated back to the seventh and eight decade of the 19th century. It is located in the very heart of the Belgrade, it lies from the Terazije fountain to the Kalemegdan fortress, and it is unavoidable as a destination for all the tourists in Belgrade. In those 790 meters of Knez Mihajlova Street, one can find the mixture of romanticism, neo-renaissance, secessionism, academism…

However, not only the various styles of architecture that makes this famous Belgrade Street so interesting. Everyone is trying to “push” his or her own idea, thought, goods… Girls dressed by the latest fashion walk there, as well as those who would like to be that, but also punkers and hipsters. You can see street musicians, or run into various promotions, and journalists who often conduct their polls here. At the end of the street, in front of the City library, you will find an array of stands with souvenirs. They are all homemade, and the prices are very affordable.

Just a few steps from Knez Mihajlova Street there is the Obilicev Venac Street, where as many as forty coffee bars and pubs are located. Since just tables, chairs, walls and crowded space do not make the soul of a coffee bar, but also by the ambient and people that belong to the atmosphere, the owners did make an effort for every local to be different from the others. The most famous interior designers of Belgrade left their marks here.

On Obilic, as Belgraders call this part of town, you can meet celebrities from arts or journalism. Nearby there are several high schools, theatre, and shops filled with the world’s most popular brands. In the night, the picture is entirely different. Relaxed daytime atmosphere heats up slowly, music becomes louder, and instead of coffees, there are cocktails on the tables. The bars become crowded with young people that start their night here.


Silicone valley

Belgrade has its own “Silicone Valley” also, widely known for its silicone, but of a somewhat different kind… The Strahinjica Bana Street, in the Dorcol area, near the centre of Belgrade and Knez Mihajlova Street, became widely known firstly for attractive girls that spend their free time here.

It all began spontaneously, because of certain social or town-plan characteristics, and when the first fancy bars has been open. That is when the so called “silicone revolution” happened, even before Belgrade got its first clinic for the implants’ placement. Beauties, birds, chicks, they all revealed their legs and décolletage. Soon, the guys in “mean” cars and SUV’s came after them.

Today, this part of Belgrade is so popular that some call it “the Skadarlija of the new age”. Here, besides most gorgeous and most popular girls, celebrities from all of the spheres of public life spend their time here; also, those that want to been seen. In one word, Belgrade’s elite, in their most attractive display, and in their luxury cars.

All that would be impossible if the bars in this street were not top-notch. The most famous decorators designed interiors and the best staff, which can be finding in this part of the world, hired to serve you. Great barmen, the best DJs, rich musical program, modern interiors, wide selection of beverages and cocktails, pleasant and courteous staff, positive energy and wild parties, launched this part of Belgrade into one of the top localities of Belgrade.

That is the reason why this area is unavoidable point for all of those who seek crazy fun and who start it here every night.


Ada Ciganlija

Sporting and recreational core of Belgrade, Ada Ciganlija, or “Belgrade sea” as many call it, preserved its natural resources and represents ecological oasis.

However, don’t think, even for a second, that this is some peaceful lake with only handful nature-lovers. Lake’s perimeter, 8 kilometers long, lined by the arranged beach and by the large number of coffee bars and restaurants. More precisely, there are 70 restaurants and dozens of clubs. This is the safest swimming site in Europe, and, during the summer months, around 300.000 people every day find their refuge from the heat here – of that number, 200.000 are Belgrade girls. All restaurants, bars and clubs are on the very beach, just a dozen meters from the water. Interesting thing is that beach chairs are free of charge, and overall prices are very affordable. For example, a meal in some good restaurant is from five to 10 Euros per person, while cocktails are just few Euros. In the evening, these places turn themselves in the nightclubs. Since this is “the Belgrade sea”, after all, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. It is usual for people that spent whole day in sunning and swimming, to continue their joy and upgrade their fun in some of the nightclubs located on the very beach – even swimming in front of the beaches of those clubs.

We recommend that you try water skiing. On Ada, you will also find courts for “paint ball” and “laser tag”. For those who like higher doses of adrenaline in their lives, there is also the “bungee jumping”. Those who are calmer in spirit may rent bicycle, rollers or pedal boats. Every day, many gorgeous Belgrade girls come here to jog, ride a bicycle or rollers.

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