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Belgrade clubs

When you think of Belgrade clubs, your first thought may be that they look like all the other clubs in the world. Well, difference number one is that when you decide to go out on, let’s say, Monday, you will see lines of people waiting to get in the club. Same situation will be on Thursdays or Wednesdays. Every day of a week, popular clubs are full of young gorgeous people having a good time. Difference number two is something you’ll notice right away: Belgrade girls. They are amazingly beautiful. Also, you’ll see they are very nice dressed and they know how to have a good time. Also, you’ll notice that entrance to clubs is free of charge, but you need to have a table booked in advance. Clubs don’t have dance floors. Space for dance is divided in four different options. First is round bar table, place at the bar table, high seat table and VIP table. Every club in Belgrade has around 20-40 bar tables, big bar, 10 high seats and 10-15 VIP sections with VIP tables. Another different thing is that party starts at midnight and finishes at 5 AM, and it’s getting crowd around half past midnight. Belgrade clubs have amazingly beautiful go-go dancers and club hostesses.

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Entering to the popular club:

Face control at the entrance, checking dress code and deciding who is coming in, who will wait and who definitely won’t be allowed to enter. Next step is security in the club; they check every guest for weapons. In winter club you must leave your jacket at the wardrobe, and you will get a number for it that you need to keep with you. After that, you will find yourself around at least ten beautifully Belgrade girls, which are club hostesses; they are waiting for guests and are taking them to their tables. And then, when you rich to your place, for you and your crowd party can begin. And remember – enjoy and keep the party hard.

Belgrade has two types of night clubs, Winter and Summer.

Summer clubs

Summer clubs are clubs on river, those are open air clubs. They are one of the biggest attractions in Belgrade. Summer clubs are opening every year in the middle of the May with big opening parties, that last tree days. They work in that regime till the end of the September. We strongly recommend you to book your table in advance, especially for opening parties, because it’s practically impossible to get a table in VIP sections.


Winter clubs

Belgrade winter clubs are clubs in closed buildings, more or less located in the same areas as are clubs in other countries around the world. Season is starting in the middle of October and lasts till the end of April. Big opening parties last also three days apiece, usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Number of celebrities from the country and aboard attends those parties.

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